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Linda is planning a surprise party for a friend. Listen to her telephone call, and choose the correct answer to the questions below

1. Who isn't going to Terry's house?

a. Harry
b. Mario
c. Linda
d. Judy

2. What time will they arrive at the restaurant?

a. Between 7pm and 8 pm
b. Between 8pm and 9 pm
c. After 9pm
d. Linda doesn't say

3. Who won't eat a steak?

a. Mario
b. Harry
c. Linda
d. Peter

4. Linda is sure:

a. she has remembered everything
b. that Harry will sing at the disco
c. how they will pay for the food
d. that the night club will be cheap

5. The problem with Diamonds is:

a. it's too noisy
b. Harry will sing
c. it closes too late
d. Judy's uncle will be there

6. The party is on:

a. Monday
b. Wednesday
c. Friday
d. The weekend



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