The Grammar of Doom is an adventure game. This means that it has some images and ideas (like death) that may upset very sensitive or young children. We recommend that such children be guided by an adult who has previously checked this material. If don't want to continue, click here

Have they gone?

Okay, for the rest of you - here's the story. You are an adventurer trying to find the secret to the mystical Temple of Doomed Grammar. There are ten rooms in the temple, and each one is full of tricks and traps. You need to use your English grammar and vocabulary to get through the rooms. Each room that you complete gives you one word of the password sentence that you need to finish the game. (Remember the password because you will need it for the next room!) You are told exactly what to do before you enter each room. (Okay, I admit this is a reading comprehension - but don't blame me if you keep dying because you have not read it.)

OK. I'm ready. Take me to it!