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Who owns the Dragon?
Look at the table below. You will see spaces for the personal details about four people. One of them has a dragon as a pet. You have to find out who it is by completing the table according to the information which appears below it. Only fill in the space for the dragon if you are sure. If you are wrong the game will end immediately when you press 'check'. For all the other entries, you can press 'check' three times, no matter how much of the form you have filled in. Remember to use the spellings and capital letters exactly as you see them in the clues.
 SurnameFirst namewife's namefavourite drinksportpet
Mr Jones
Mr Smith
Mr O'Connor
Mr McDonald
  • John likes to play cricket
  • Colleen's husband owns a wolfhound
  • Mr Jones drinks beer
  • The man who plays golf owns a unicorn
  • Mr Smith is married to Janet
  • Patrick doesn't like golf
  • Mr O'Connor likes hurling
  • Taffy plays rugby
  • Flora is married to Jock
  • Janet's husband drinks gin
  • Blodwen's husband doesn't have a bulldog
  • Mr McDonald drinks whisky
  • The man who plays cricket does not like whisky
  • The man who owns the unicorn doesn't drink Guinness
  • Janet's husband is not Taffy
  • The man who plays cricket has a bulldog
  • Taffy's wife is Blodwen
  • Taffy doesn't like whisky