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Use of English

There are four parts to this test, which you have to finish together with the three-part reading test. In the Use of English Test, you will be tested on your grammar, your vocabulary and your ability to use English correctly - including spelling.

Each part of the test is different, but each has eight questions. (We give you more for extra practice.)

In Part 1 you have to select the right word or phrase (normally a word) to put into the text.
For Part 2 you have to put the words in yourself - it is not multiple-choice.
In Part 3 you have to re-write sentences in a text to show you can do things like make passives, conditionals and synonyms. Understanding the sentence you have to change is also important.
In Part 4 you have a sentence you must re-write to include a 'key' word which you are given.

Currently Parts 1 and 2 of the Use of English is available here. The other parts will be coming soon.

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