English for Everybody - Elementary Course
I won't do it again!

Let's practice....


Look at these situations with apologies and then try to choose the right answers from the questions below.

1. You accidentally tread on someone's foot on the bus.
Man: Ow! Be careful, would you?
You say:
a. Oh, I was.
b. Yes, thank you, sorry.
c. Oh dear, pardon me!

2. You are late for a meeting with your friend.
Friend: What happened to you? You're late.
You say:
a. I know - I forgot the time. Let me buy you some coffee
b. I really am most extremely sorry.
c. I beg you to pardon me.

3. Your friend has split coffee on your jeans.
Friend: Oh damn! I'm sorry.
You say:
a. Yes, you are!
b. Ow! I should think so.
c. Please do not mention it again.

4. Someone has just asked you the way to Rose Crescent.
You say:
a. I don't know. Excuse me, I am afraid
b. Um .. no, sorry, no idea, I'm afraid
c. Excuse me, why don't you buy a map?

5. You have lost the book your friend has lent to you.
You say:
a. I feel bad about this. I'll buy another one.
b. Sorry, I can't find it, ok?
c. Excuse me, your sorry book is lost.

6. You are in a bar.
Your friend says: I'm sorry, I forgot my money
You say:
a. You are sorry too.
b. That's all right then.
c. It's ok, I'm buying the drinks.

7. You have dropped something heavy on a man's foot.
You say:
a. Oh, excuse me, that was heavy.
b. Sorry, did I drop something? Oh dear.
c. I'm very sorry. Are you ok?

8. You want to get out of the bus. Someone is in your way.
You say:
a. Excuse me, get out of the way.
b. I'm sorry that I'm getting out.
c. Excuse me, I'm getting out.

Let's go!