English Course for Young Learners


Part 1
Alphabet: learn the alphabet (pronunciation)
Alphabet: learn to spell
Part 2
Numbers: How many ducks? (pronunciation)
Numbers: Count the eggs in the basket
Numbers: How many bananas, apples and lemons? (spelling)
Part 3
Days of the week: learn the days of the week (pronunciation)
Weather: Weekly weather forcast
Weather: Catch the letters (vocabulary and spelling)
Part 4
Months of the year: pronunciation
Seasons: pronunciation
Part 5
Colours: pronunciation and spelling
Colours: Colour the scarecrow
Colours: Colour the windmill
Part 11
Time: Learning about the clock
Time: The time is now ...
Time: The diary
Part 12
Directions: Do you know these signs?
Directions: The town where you live
Directions: Following directions
Part 13
Transport: How do you get to school?
Transport: Find a way to travel.
Transport: A school trip
Part 14
Pronouns: Personal pronouns.
Pronouns: Test your knowlege of pronouns.
Pronouns: Duck races.
Part 15
Clothes: The clothes you are wearing.
Clothes: Parts of the jacket.
Clothes: Take the clothes from the washing line.
Clothes: Can you catch the pirates?

Part 6
Plurals: How to make a plural
Plurals: Regular and irregular plurals
Plurals: Which picture goes with which plural?
Part 7
Animals: Pronunciation and spelling
Animals: Which animal? - description.
Part 8
Opposites: Find words with the opposite meaning
Part 9
Fruit: Do you know your fruit? (pronunciation)
Fruit: Fruit stall.
Fruit: At the Greengrocer's.
Part 10
Vegetables: Do you know your vegetables? (pronunciation)
Vegetables: Find the vegetable.
Vegetables: Describe the vegetables in the picture.
Part 16
Shapes: Learn about the shapes.
Shapes: 2D shapes.
Shapes: 3D shapes.
Shapes: Spelling game.
Part 17
Body: Parts of the body.
Body: From the ankle to the sholders.
Body: Here come the aliens.
Part 18
Compound words: Make a new word.
Part 19
Comparatives: Who is younger and who is older?
Comparatives: Which ball is bigger?
Part 20
Past tense: Find a word in the past tense.
Past tense: Stop the word.
Past tense: A letter from a friend.