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The Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) exam is properly called the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English. Most British universities will accept it as a language qualification for a new student, though some Humanities courses might prefer Proficiency. The Advanced English exam is the same level of difficulty as the Council of Europe C1 exam, or ALTE level 4. Most people would take this exam after the First Certificate exam (FCE) and before, or instead of, the Proficiency exam.

This exam is made up of five tests which have a total of 200 marks. You will need more than 120 (60%) to pass the exam. The lowest pass mark is a C, and fail marks are D and E. The tests are Reading, Writing, English in Use, Listening and Speaking. You do not need to get a pass mark in all of these papers to pass the exam. If you pass the exam, you will be told which papers you did particularly well in. If you fail, you will be told which were your worst papers. The tests you will find here are designed to help you practice for the exam. They are the same level of difficulty as the CAE, but because we have no association with the Cambridge Examining Board UCLES, these papers are not original CAE exam papers and are not endorsed by UCLES.

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