Business English Studies Course - Marketing



Welcome to the Business English Studies Course. This course is designed for people who need to use English in their work, especially if that work is to do with buying and selling shares, or dealing with investments. The lessons are for students who are at about the TOEFL or CAE level of English. Students who do not have this level of English should do a foundation course of Elementary or Intermediate English before doing the Business Studies Course.

Each unit has three areas of study -
1. Vocabulary - pre-teaches the words you will find in the Reading exercise of the same unit.
2. Reading    -   deals with matters such as company or newspaper reports and business letters. There are usually questions you must answer afterwards.
3. Functions    - has a conversation about the text. Students must examine the material for inference, implied comment, or attitude, and in some exercises they may have to take part in the conversations by choosing from multiple choice questions.