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Simple Past


Simple past - Action finished in the past.


Present Past
Today is The date yesterday was


Verb "to be" is an irregular verb!

I am I was
You are You were
He/she/it is He/she/it was


Compare these sentences using regular verbs in the Present tense and in the Past tense:

Present tense Past tense
He watches TV every day He watched TV yesterday
I cook meals on Sunday My mum cooked the dinner yesterday.
She walks to school every day. He walked to the cinema last night.
I work at the university He worked in his garden yesterday.

Common irregular verbs:

Present   Past Example of past tense
find found He found the book in the libary.
do did He did his homework yesterday.
go went She went to a restaurant last night.
make made She made a cake on Sunday.
lose lost He lost his hat on his way home.
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