Beginners English Course(Describing actions)English for Everybody - Beginners course
English for Everybody

Choose the right answers to these introductions.

Introduction:  Hi, I am Ann.
How do you do?       Hi Ann, I am Steve Steve                  
Introduction:  Hello, I am Mr Smith.
How do you do? Hi, I am John. Nice to meet you Smith.
Introduction:  Hi, My name is Janet.
How do you do? Hello Janet, I am Pete. How are you Ms Janet?
Introduction:  Hi, I am Pete.
Hi, I am James. Are you? How do you do?
Introduction:  Hello, My name is Dr Jones.
Hi, I am Jake. Hi Jones, I am Anna. How are you Dr Jones?
Introduction:  Hello, I am Jane.
Hi Jane, my name is John. How do you do Jane? Hi Ms.

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