All posts on approval

All posts on approval

Postby prof on Fri Feb 06, 2009 3:22 am

We're having yet another spam attack by criminals hoping that people wanting to learn English might want to buy their illegal and often very dangerous products. So all posts are being held for administrator approval before they appear to the public. This means that every message here has to be checked by an administrator before we make it public. (Trust us, you do not want your children to see some of the things people try to put on this board!)

So if you do have problems with your sex life or need illegal software, consult your doctor or a lawyer- this forum is for people wanting to learn English. Remember, the people who push spam are not very nice people. Don't buy from them.

Meanwhile, we'll keep deleting their postings, but it means genuine questions might take a little while to appear on the board.
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