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Hello Prof,

We have lost hearing in one ear; the other rings like a fallen spoon. What is the meaning of this line? Thanks a lot.

Do the following lines contain simile? Thanks a lot.

Yet few are as deep-rooted and damaging as the habitual tendency to view the sensuous earth... ward off whatever frightens, as a synthetic heaven or haven in which to hide out from the distressing ambiguity of the real.

These pages, too, are nothing other than talking leaves...
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Re: simile

Postby prof on Sun Apr 12, 2015 6:24 pm

Firstly, the meaning of the first line is that some people are suffering the effects of a loud noise - deafness and tinnitus. Look up tinnitus and you will see that 'fallen spoon' is an accurate description.

A simile a form of comparative that gains its strength from contrasting two very different things. So if we say 'carbon fiber is as strong as steel' this is a comparative, but not a simile. If we say 'his willpower is as strong as steel' this is a simile.

Because with two of your three examples we only see one side of the comparison, it is not possible to know for sure if these are similes. However, the first appears to be a metaphor used as a comparative (but not a simile) and the second is a definition, and not a simile. (In the same way that 'a spade is used as a digging tool' is not a simile.)

The third example also is a definition and not a comparison, so there is no simile there either.
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