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Dear Prof.,

Please read the following:

The message is clear: Different people can see the same events in dramatically different ways.
In the workplace this phenomenon is particularly evident when it comes to underperformance and failure. An outcome that an employee regards as satisfactory may be seen by his boss as entirely unacceptable. When a project is an unequivocal flop, colleagues disagree over the reasons why. These reactions, and their effect on workplace relationships, often become more problematic than the original events. As a result, how people respond to negative feedback is of great importance to manager and organizations and is a major determinant of career success.

People disagree over reasons for an unequivocal flop because
A. employees and employers look at things differently
B. they differ in perspectives
B is the correct answer. To me the only difference between the two is A reads clearly "employees" and "employers" while B refers to people in general.A only serves as an example. The same thing can happen anywhere so B is correct. Is that right?

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you in advance.

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Re: comprehension

Postby prof on Mon Mar 30, 2015 6:13 pm

In the question after the text we are asked not about the text generally but about the reactions to 'an unequivocal flop' - that is, about reactions about a total failure. The text states 'colleagues disagree over the reasons'.

This rules out option A. which says that employers and employees look at things differently. This is true, but it also suggests that the employees might all look at things in the same way. This is exactly what the text does not say - it says 'colleagues disagree' and one's colleagues are one's fellow-workers -that is, the other employees.

Therefore B. is more accurate. It says that 'people' whether employers or employees see things differently. (For this discussion the last two sentences of the text are not relevant.)
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