English for Everybody - Advanced course

Welcome to part 7
(If you haven't done the other lessons, read this!)

Your course is divided into three different areas - grammar, functions and vocabulary. Please take a moment to read this introduction on how to use the menu to your right. It will help you to use the course properly. The menu takes you to different places on your course. To tell where you are now, look at the top and bottom of your browser. You will see Advanced. This will change when you move to another part of the site.

To find out what you can do in this lesson, put your mouse over any of the titles listed below.

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Each of the sections (grammar, functions or vocabulary) is about something you need to know for your English. Each part has an explanation of the material, and afterwards there are practice exercises for you to do.

Most of the exercises you can do on your own. Some exercises will tell you when have made a mistake. With some of the other exercises, you will need to check your answers. (You do this by clicking a button marked "answers". )


let's go! Let's go!

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